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Why Waveski

Why Waveski

8 Reasons to give Waveski Surfing a try:
1. Simple

Waveski surfing requires a board, paddle and a wave to ride. Surfing can be anywhere on any wave you can imagine, be it at the beach or in a new, modern wavepool.
Being able to surf anywhere means you can have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and improve your skill anytime.

2. Something For Everyone

Anyone that enjoys water sports can ride a waveski, it’s a blast for beginners and experts alike.
Beginners love wavesking because it’s fun to learn and exhilarating as you improve your skills. There is inherent joy in surfing a wave (even if you’re not very good).
Waveskiing can also be complex. If you want to surf competitively in this extreme sport, you must hone many skills, learn strategies, be teachable to learn from mentors and become fit. Experts and beginners can always improve, and with each improvement waveskiers enjoy surfing more and more, creating memories that ignites the surfer’s spirit within you.

3. Attitude

You need a good attitude to become successful at waveski surfing, training hard to develop surf awareness and safety, physical and mental fitness.
Fellow surfers encourage each other to develop strengths, and when waveskiers train hard and succeed they build confidence which flows into all aspects of their life.

4. Leadership

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. It’s about influencing others in a positive way as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.

5. Sportsmanship

Through good examples by coaches and mentors, waveskiers learn what it takes to surf in a sport with class and character, and most waveskiers discover the value of great sportsmanship.

6. Perseverance

At first, waveskiers can get frustrated when they fail, but they eventually realise that through perseverance, their ability as a surfer will improve.

7. Fitness

Waveskiers become fit and create positive fitness habits that can last a lifetime. They learn what it takes to be in shape and work hard to improve their health & fitness.
Waveskiers tend to become lean and athletic and develop endurance from constant paddling, athleticism from work-outs and tend to think more about nutrition and living with healthy habits.

8. Social

Waveskiers become friends with fellow surfers that share a common bond and promotes a sense of unity and fosters friendships and comradery.
Some waveskiers and their families even become lifelong friends.

Plus More

As awaveski surfer, you will discover other benefits. Waveskiing is brilliant in many ways, and you can only discover its uniqueness by surfing.
It has the power to transform lives. Even if waveskiers don’t surf professionally, they learn habits that will help them succeed in life.
Come along and experience the fun of learning, the spirit of surfing and belonging to a culture that embraces your uniqueness and makes a difference in the community.
Ready to start waveskiing? Learn how to surf.

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