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About Qualifier Series Points

The 2017 WSA circuit will undergo some changes with the introduction of a Qualifier Series, which will run in conjunction with the Championship Points Tour.

All Championship Tour events will have the first round of the Open as Qualifiers only, followed by a repercharge round.

The Qualifiers who advance to Round 3 will then join the standard Open flow and compete against the seeded A-grade riders. The contest will then continue as normal until we arrive at the Open four-surfer final.

The Top 8 Qualifiers who have progressed furthest through the Open (if necessary, heat scores will be used to separate the Top 8 Qualifiers’ placings) will also have their own semi-finals, followed by a 4-surfer Qualifiers final.
All surfers will score Championship Points as per previous years, however all Qualifiers will also score points for the Qualifier Series which will include the Australian Titles.

At the Australian Open presentation (the final comp for the year) the Australian Qualifier Champion will be crowned.

The Committee have nominated the following riders as the 2017 A-grade riders, all other surfers will be eligible to enter the Qualifier events. Any surfers who did not compete in 2016 will be placed in either the Qualifier section or the A-grade section (as a wildcard) by the Committee after consideration of your past results.

Any surfer who considers they have been placed in the wrong section should appeal the decision by informing the Committee in writing outlining their reasons.

2017 A-Grade Surfers

Rees Duncan, Tony Cherry, Dale Randahl, Adam Gavenlock, Graham Lancaster, Bill Campbell, Dave Dinning, Garry Ross, Graham Roberts, Paul Norman, Rob Della Bonna, Mark Spencer, Mick Feenan, Peter Hurley, Steve Farthing, Lance Milnes, Russell Hudson, David Howard, Lisa Ryan, Steve Blatchford, Shaun Hackney, Tim Kierle, Cisco Nascimento, Gary Sumpton, Darren Kearns, Blair Moore, Paul Wise, Malan Calitz, Ben John.

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