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About Championship Points

About Championship Points

Clarification of Waveski Australian Title determination is ‘The Australian Champion of each division and rankings in Australia are determined by the Australian Championship Point score since 2011 which includes an Australian Open Championship event with double points rating’. See details below.
Entry fees must be paid by the closing date for the competition.

The Points System

Only Australian residents who are current WSA paid members are eligible to earn points at these events.

For every WSA-sanctioned event that a competitor enters, they will earn Championship Points (across all divisions), with double points on offer at the Australian Open. After the completion of the Australian Open, your top three results, plus your double points from the Australian Open, are then totalled and you will receive your final ranking in the Australian Championship.

The Australia Open is the premier event in the year’s calendar (and is awarded double points) however this competition alone does not determine the Australian Champions.
So start competing and earning Championship Points  to  achieve victory in this year-long event!
The points you receive from each contest will be available on the WSA website so every competitor can view their ranking for the year at any time during the course of the contest season.
Events that earn Championship Points must have at least 16 competitors entered by the closing date for the competition or it will not be classed as a point score event.
Competitors must keep an eye on the WSA Facebook page and website in the lead up to competitions for announcements. Sometimes competitions may need to be cancelled because of dangerous weather/surf forecasts or a lack of numbers to run a point score earning competition.
Announcements about changes of meeting venue, meeting time and competition venues will also be announced on the Facebook page:
All competition results are emailed to as soon as possible after the completion of each event, so results can be posted to the website and points allocated to each surfer.
As the final event for the year, the Australian Open event is capped at 64 entrants, with man-on-man heats commencing from the quarter finals, the point’s allocation will change to allow for the additional rounds required.
This Points System was introduced several years ago to encourage Australian surfers to enter as many events as possible to help grow our sport. Its success has contributed to increased numbers and competition among our members.

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