2016 Australian open


This is it, the big one. The Australian Open is the last competition on the 2016 Championship Tour. This will determine who is Australia’s best waveskier for 2016. This event is open to all international competitors. This entire event will be judged by a panel of independent international ASP-accredited judges along with a highly sought-after head judge.

Entry forms must be filled out, signed and sent to contest@waveskisurfingaustralia.com

You must sign both pages of entry form in order to compete

No phone entries will be accepted.

Registration will be held on Monday 24 October at 630am at the Kingscliff surf club. If for some reason you are unable to attend the registration then you must track down Rees or Tony on the beach in order to officially check in before your first heat.

Please email Entry Form toTony Cherry

See ya There

2016 WSA AGM Details

The 2016 annual general meeting of members of Waveski Surfing Australia Inc. (“WSA”) will be held at the Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club on Wednesday, 26 October to coincide with the holding of the 2016 Australian Open Titles at Kingscliff Beach. The Notice of AGM is in the link on the right. Members of the WSA Management Committee will be elected at the AGM.

The following persons have now been nominated for the following Waveski Surfing Australia Inc. Management Committee positions:

• President Rees Duncan
• Vice President Tony Cherry
• Treasurer Graham Lancaster
• Secretary Bill Campbell
• Junior Development Officer Savannah Campbell

As only one person was nominated for each of the vacant positions in the due time for submitting nominations those nominees will be declared elected to the positions at Waveski Surfing Australia Inc’s annual general meeting to be held on Wednesday, 26 October.

2016 Crescent Head age divisions

Due to conditions at the Crescent Head competition, the age division events were postpone until a later date.
It has been decided that all remaining age division heats will be run on Sunday the 23rd October.

We will meet at 7am at the Kingscliff Surf Club car park. Only those competitors who were entered in the Crescent Head age division classes will be eligible to compete.
This will be followed by the prize giving at 1pm at the Surf Club.

This is the day before the Australian Open begins, so Registration for the Australian Open will follow directly after the prize giving.

If you cannot make it to compete in your age division can you please let me know ASAP by e-mailing me at tonycherry210@gmail.com

Tony Cherry

2016 Membership

Changes to the rules for competitions this year means that to compete in any WSA sanctioned event in 2016 you must pay a $45 annual membership fee. This is a one off payment for the entire year and will cover the rider for insurance at any event held by the WSA. If you are not a member you will not be able to compete. Please click to download the 2016 Membership Form.

Just $45 gives you coverage for 12 months and points for any events you compete in 2016. All points go towards the Australian championship tour 2016.

All Membership Forms email to - membership
or Post - PO Box 1395 Milton, Qld 4064

2016 Crescent Head open

Report by David Howard

All right ..Awesome .. a big weekend .CRESCENT HEAD OPEN 2016 completed..the people came ,a couple got lost but found there way. Weather was a bit unfavourable SAT morning, we tried to find a wave but nothing doing so after lunch we had a drop in the wind and we ran round 1 at BIG HILL

The bus came and picked every one up from the camp site and some stragglers who were on the side of the road. Crescent Head Tavern was the place to be. We had excellent food and service. Thanks to Darren and Hun from the Tavern

Sunday morning was a different day, no wind sun shining, a quick hunt for some waves and we were at Sunsets which had a great left hander

The day went smoothly till I was called for a drop in on Col Samways, who didn't call, faded right then came left

The surf was good all day and we managed to complete the Open ,Vets and B Grade (novice ..which they are not they just surfed poorly and got knocked out early )..so results were as followed

1st Rees Duncan
2nd Dale Randall
3rd Mark Spencer
4th Paul Norman

1st Col Sugars
2nd Garry Ross
3rd Billy Dalton
4th Jeff Grey

1st Savannah Campbell
2nd Paul Mac
3rd John Lemon
4th Brian Spicer

All right BIG THANK YOU to our two head judges LEGEND former pro surfer ROBBIE PAGE, and to local LEGEND Steve Walder, these guys did a great job and brought a positive and informative vibe to our event

Crescent Head Tavern for getting our shirts which do look really good, also for having us and serving up great food , putting some wave ski vids up on the big screen, doing the raffle to which I forgot the prizes and had to hand out the next day
Col from WaveMaster for the prizes.(what drop in u tried to snake me )
Barnetts Bakery for the lunch deal.what a bargain and the BEST pies on the nth coast
Cavannaghns bus co.
JASON MITCHELL our bus driver, big effort. thanks man
N.P.W.S for allowing the contest, and allowing WSA exclusive use of BigHill campground
John the caretaker of the park and Brendan for having it look so good. grass was mown ,toilets clean and had toilet paper
Also a big thank you to BILLY DALTON the trophy looks really good.a lot of time and effort thanks man

All righty then, Big Wave DAVE the Goat Boat King signing off
we will see you all very soon for the Aussie titles

2016 NSW Open

Most of the top Australian waveski surfers met up in Kingscliff on the first weekend in July for the 2016 NSW Open. A great time was had by all, especially those of us who were lucky enough to arrive in the week leading up to the comp…we had really great surf. Unfortunately, the swell dropped off on Saturday morning, but Rees and Tony found a decent wave at Salt and the surf continued to improve as the weekend progressed. Beautiful sunny weather and mostly offshore conditions, an abundance of dolphins dropping-in and dozens of humpback whales swimming past, made the weekend very memorable.

The ususal suspects performed brilliantly, upside down (check out the bottom of my ski) airs kept the crowd amazed by their surfing gymnastics. Tony Cherry won the open narrowly from Rees Duncan, with Dale Randahl coming third and Adam Gavenlock in fourth. All four guys showed how strong Australian waveski surfing is. The aerial manoeuvres these four guys performed in 2 to 3 foot beach break waves were outstanding and radical in the extreme.

The Masters final was almost a repeat of the Open Final, this time Rees Duncan won over Tony Cherry, Graham Lancaster third and Adam Gavenlock fourth.

Dale Randahl won the Seniors with some great airs and Paul McElhinney came in second. This is Dale’s last year in the seniors and the Masters are looking forward to him joining them next year.

The Grand Masters section was taken out by Stephen Farthing in his debut contest in the older boys’ section. Bill Campbell was second, Russell Hudson third and Paul Norman stormed into fourth place.

Showing that old guys rule, Garry Ross won the Veterans section with newcomer Wayne Park taking out second place. Billy Dalton picked up third place with Smokin Joe Whiteley in fourth. Garry Ross made the semis in the Open, pretty impressive for a 60 something year old!

The girls had a ball during their final. The dolphins decided to become extremely active, swimming under us, next to us on the waves and jumping about 1 metre away from Jackie. Lisa Ryan continued her domination of the ladies event taking out first place. Melissa Farthing finished second, Savannah Campbell was third, Karen Campbell fourth and Jackie Dillon was fifth.

The B Grade was won by Brett Titterton with Savannah Campbell second, Joe Whiteley third, John Lemon fourth and Paul McElhinney in fifth place. All contestants in this section caught some good waves and showed great determination and enthusiasm.

Savannah, our Junior representative at the World Titles in Portugal was presented with her team uniform by Jackie Dillon and Melissa Farthing, who organised fund-raising and all the travel details…to send Savannah to the titles. Savannah thanked the wave ski community for their incredible and extremely generous support and she looks forward to coming back with ideas to develop our sport.

Graham Lanchaster surfed well on his very new ski and has rejoined the competition scene after more than 20 years with great success and he is heading off to Portugal soon. Tim Kierle and Kramer Winchester (both are now in the Grand Masters Section) have also returned, showing that they still have the skills to rip the waves apart. Tim, Kramer and Graham, all won major titles when they were young and it is exciting to see them compete again.

The competition was well run and a huge thank you must go to Tony and Brenda, Rees, Brett and Russell. Also thanks to all the people who helped to set-up and pack-up and the national administration for your ongoing work. You are appreciated!

Good luck to all our competitors heading off to Portugal in July to compete in the World Titles. Have a great trip and bring back some trophies.

The Aussie Titles are being held in Kingscliff 23-29 October, hope to see you all there. It will be a fantastic week. The Kingscliff coffee shops are looking forward to our return!

The next comp is at Big Hill at Cresent Heads on the weekend of the 10/11 September. This is the first contest to be held at Cresent Heads, so let’s all get behind Dave Howard and make this another great weekend.


Wollongong Open 2016


With the cancellation of the Wollongong Open entry fee’s will be credited to the next event to be held at Kingscliff on 2-3 July 2016.
If there is anyone who will not be able to make the event feel free to contact Dale Randahl who can organise a refund of the entry fee. Note that entries into the Kingscliff event are not automatic.

You will still need to submit an entry form before the cut off date and preference into the 32man draw will be as always first in first served. It is recommended that you write on your entry form “fees transferred from w’gong open”

Queensland Open 2016

Qld Open – Sunshine Coast 2016 Well this year it wasn’t freezing! Sunny skies, warm water temp, a beach break at Mudjimba North Shore and 30 of Australia’s best surfers all combined for a great weekend.

Rees Duncan dominated the Open again, with Dale Randhal, Rob Dalla-Bona and Tony Cherry snapping at his heels. The surfing from these guys was absolutely spectacular, airs were commonplace and they ripped the waves apart. Everyone on the beach was highly impressed with their skills and commitment to performing the most radical of moves.

The Master’s Final was a battle between Rees and Tony. Air for air the competition between these two friends was close. Rob Dalla-Bona and Graham Lancaster also put on an incredible show and came in third and fourth.

The slightly older guys in the Grand Master’s Division fought it out with Cisco Nascimento winning, followed by Bill Campbell, Gary Sumpton and Paul Norman. This was a return to surfing competition for Gary Sumpton. Yes he did have a pain patch on his back, but this didn’t stop him from getting in the air. Cisco is looking good for the World Titles in Portugal in July.

Wayne Park, a newbie to competition surfing, took out the Vets with the gentleman of the sport, Billy Dalton, coming in second. Graham Roberts was out with an injury to his shoulder and Gary Ross managed to damage his ski before the final. It was lovely to witness these two guys sharing waves in the final.

The Seniors was taken out by Dale Randhal who brings a new meaning to the words vertical reos. Luke Feenan, also made a return to competition, coming in second.

Lisa Ryan surfed her usual radical self to win the Womens. Melissa Farthing came in second, followed by Savannah Campbell and Karen Campbell.

The B Grade was won by Des Cottage who surfed the beach break well with some tight moves. Savannah Campbell came second, followed by John Lemon and Michael Eddy in fourth place. Michael travelled from Victoria for the comp…now that is commitment!

Another couple of mentions. Shaun Hackney showed that he is still a major threat, making it to the semis in the Open and Masters, with some great reos and airs. And Steven Waters who injured himself, tearing a tendon in his upper arm. We hope Steven recovers quickly from his operation and is back in the water at the end of his 3 month recuperation.

Thanks to everyone who attended, hope you all enjoyed yourself and we’ll see you at the Gong.

Karen Campbell

Lakesea Classic - 2016 Report

Well that's number 29 done and dusted, and what a great event it was.

The Gold Coasts surf identity Terry 'Tappa' Teece once said to me that the Australian waveski fraternity is a 'Tribe' as well a sport, well I could not agree more. The Tribe met at the Lakesea.

The weekend had it all. New faces, old faces. The usual faces, famous faces and more. Good surf, bad surf, nice surf, good heats, bad heats, good weather, good weather, good surfing, great surfing and coming out on top in his first Lakesea was Rees Duncan by a slim margin from the ever-present Dale Randhal.

Reese commented at the presentation never mind the Worlds Titles never mind the Australian Titles he could now rest easy as he finally gets his name on the Lakesea Honour Board!!

We had good weather considering the forecast, it was supposed to be seven colours of S#$%T. But as you all know never trust a Batemans Bay forecast, 9 times out of 10 they are wrong.

It was great to see all the first and second timers at the event, some even planned their holidays around coming from interstate for their first ever comp. Welcome to all of you and hope you are now part of the comp scene. A great time was had by all including the Trible dinner and hoedown Saturday night.

The highlight of the night was an Angels Classic being belted out by a 'Ukie' and Lemon at the end of the dinner!

Its really nice when you have run an event and lived in a place for so long to get numerous people coming to the Lakesea for the first time really enjoying the South Coast for a variety of reasons.
Weather its the morning bike ride to the hidden beaches in the National Park, the drive into town for a feed on the waterfront or a coffee at the marina, or the walk around the cove to Surf Beach for the loo and a coffee.
I know for one the Campbells had never been past Kiama and I did warn that they had never seen that old cliché 'GODS COUNTRY". Well now they have, probably the real reason we surfed our old fave Denhams on Sunday was to show Bill and Karen the 'Best Beach in the World'.
I get a real kick out of showing the South Coast off to others, it must be good you all keep coming back.

So thanks to all, especially to Graham Roberts, great job, a big thank you to Russell Hudson, a power of work before, during and after the event, and also to those who jumped in and helped with the tabulating.

And a big Shout out for Scott and his staff at the LAKESEA PARK for the support and the contest hoodies, they just keep coming to the fore year after year.
Hope to see you all next year for Lakesea Classic Number Thirty you are all welcome.

Yes that says Thirty ,Sh$‪#‎T‬ I need to get a life!!
Buckie and the crew from THE BAY

Results 2016

Australian Open Competition - Caves Beach 2015 Report

Caves Beach Newcastle delivered great waves and weather for the recent Australian Open. The comp was held over 3 1/2 days at Frenchmans, at the northern end of Caves Beach in offshore 1 to 1.5 metre waves. The Newcastle locals didn't stop smiling, apparently the surf had been terrible for the previous 8 months and returned to slop when the comp finished. Lisa Ryan had called on the surf Gods and they had obviously answered her.

Good waves allowed everyone to show off their skills and the professional judges were very impressed by the level of surfing. Head judge Craig, said that it was some of the best surfing he had ever judged and he has worked at a number of international events.

As usual the cream rose to the top. The Open Division saw Rees Duncan win another Australian Open, Dale Randahl second, Lance Milnes third and Mark Spencer fourth. The final was man on man and Rees and Dale started off a close final on the same wave. Dale choosing to go right and pulling off a massive vertical air and Rees surfing to the left with several radical top to bottom vertical manoeuvres. From the very first wave, both guys surfed every wave to the max and thrilled the crowd. Lance and Spaz fought hard in the semis, the standard was incredible. Fifth place was given to four surfers: Paul Wise (who is now 60 and hasn't competed for close to 30 years!), Tony Cherry (who continually showed off his sticker on the bottom of his new ski), Lisa Ryan (who surfed brilliantly all week) and Graham Lancaster (back from a 25 year break and ripping).

The Masters division (40 -49) was almost a repeat of the Open with Rees coming first, Lance second, Graham third and Tony fourth. The standard in this division is incredibly high!

Larry Adams won the Grand Masters (50 - 59) Division from Bill Campbell, Cisco Nascimento and Russell Hudson. It was wonderful to see the beaming smile on Larry's face. These "old boys" fought hard and the result was very close.

As usual the Veterans (60+) was highly contested. These guys have outstanding wave knowledge and it is always difficult to pick a winner with their high standard of surfing. This time Gary Ross came out on top, with Graham Roberts second, Col Sugars third and Paul Wise fourth.

The Seniors was won by Dale Randahl with Paul McElhinney second. Bryce Campbell was first in the Juniors with Savannah Campbell second.

The Womens division was easily won by Lisa Ryan with Mel Hardy second, Karen Campbell third and Jackie Dillon fourth. Lisa not only won the womens but finished in the top 8 in this comp...very impressive.

Running out of daylight on the Finals day, it was decided to hold the B Grade on the following day. Thank you to all the guys and girls who showed up to support the B Graders. The surf on Saturday morning was fantastic. The local boardriders who had been wonderful all week continued with their support and respect and kept out of the area until we finished the B Grade final. Peter Groth was the victor, ahead of Heather Seaton (who had come all the way from NZ to compete), Jackie Dillon and Savannah Campbell.

The comp had a positive vibe to it. Lisa Ryan was the force behind organising the event, putting in many hours leading up to the comp. As usual, Tony and Brenda Cherry made a huge effort (once again) organising entries, the draw, t-shirts and trophies. You two are not allowed to ever go back to NZ! Bill Campbell took on the role of head contest director, keeping everything running smoothly. Russell Hudson, Karen and Savannah helped out with the tabulating. Several guys turned up every morning and afternoon and lugged all the gear to and from the beach. You guys are the quiet legends, thank you for your much appreciated assistance. David Howard (Mr Happy) was a huge help with gathering coffee and lunches for the judges and helping out with announcing.

The presentation night saw lots of trophies and prizes being awarded. Encouragement awards were given to Peter Gaul and Steve Ryan, well done fellows. Savannah Campbell, Brett Titterton and Billy Dalton were thanked for their work with Junior Development. Scott Murnain, Steve Farthing and Larry Adams captured much of the action, sharing their videos and photos on FB and YouTube.

Competitions need sponsors and we are lucky to have the incredible support of J.E. Dillon and Associates, Wavemaster, Go Fast, G Boards, Kuta Lines, Blades Paddles, Caves Beach SLC and Dive/Skate and Ski Newcastle all contributed to make this event first class. Thank you to all our sponsors!

This was the final comp on the Australian Circuit to determine the overall placing of Australian competitors. It was weighted with double points. The Final Australian placings were:

Open: Rees Duncan first, Dale Randahl second, Lance Milnes third, Tony Cherry fourth

Women: Lisa Ryan first, Karen Campbell second, Jackie Dillon third, Savannah Campbell fourth

Veterans: Gary Ross and Graham Roberts tied for first, Col Sugars third and Joe Whiteley fourth

Grand Master: Bill Campbell first, Russell Hudson second, Larry Adams third and Jackie Dillon fourth

Masters: Rees Duncan first, Lance Milnes second, Steve Blatchford third and Tony Cherry fourth

Seniors: Dale Randahl first, Paul McElhinney second, Wade Carberry third and Malan Calitz fourth

New Age: Niall O'Cuinn, Liam Theirens and Ben Buckley tied for first place

Juniors: Bryce Campbell first, Savannah Campbell second

Best Wetsuit: Mark Spencer

Best Dressed: Dave Howard

See you all at the next comp! Karen


Lakesea Classic


19-20 March 2016
South Durras beach

Congratulatons Rees Duncan

Full Results lakesea 2016

QLD Open


7-8 May 2016
Sunshine Coast

Congratulatons Rees Duncan

Full Results Queensland open

Wollongong Open

Event cancelled

NSW Open


Kingscliff Beach NSW

Congratulatons Tony Cherry

Full Results NSW Open

Cresent Head Open

Congratulatons Rees Duncan

Full Results Crescent head Open

Australian Open

23-29 October 2016
Kingscliff Beach NSW

wa 2016

WA State Rnd 1

6 March 2016
Port Denison, Dongara
Includes training, judging and coaching.

WA State Rnd 2

24 april 2016
Denmark Includes training, judging and coaching. 23 and 24th April. EGM to be held on either the Saturday preceding the comp or on Sunday evening .

WA State Rnd 3

Secret Harbour
27 August 2016

WA State Rnd 4

15 October 2016



World Titles 2016

17-24 July

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